Random Human Character

Name: Bethel Jocelyn
Alignment: Principled
Occupation if no OCC chosen: Super Spy
O.C.C.: Tokanii R.C.C. (Lone Star, p. 154)
Speech Pattern: Breathless
Hair: Short
Face Features: Missing eye
Characteristics: Picks at fingernails
Personality: Casual
Knacks: A one-way ticket to paradise
Note: She blows stray hair out of eyes.
Instinct: To die gloriously


IQ: 11
Skill Bonus: 0%
ME: 14
ME Bonus: 0%
MA: 14
Trust/Intimidate: 0
PS: 12
PS Bonus: 0
PP: 14
PP Bonus: 0
PE: 14
PE Bonus: 0
PB: 23
Charm/Impress: 65
SPD: 19
MPH: 13
Birth Order: Last Born.
Weight: Potbelly.
Disposition: Complainer. Constantly aggravated about something.
Where from: Small town magic community where magic. creatures of magic. D-Bees and ethnic diversity were commonplace.
Adventure Reason: Outlaw/wanted and on the run.
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Random NA-D-Bee


Random Rifts OCC

Robot R.C.C. (Rifts® Sourcebook, p.94)

Random RCC

Soldati O.C.C. (Warlords of Russia, p.87)

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Random ShonicBurn

Random Loot: Portable Disk Recorder

Random Weapon (new): Taidermied Sword Fish Nose on a sword. 1d8 Peircing, Martial, Finesse 2x

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Random Personality

Female Name: Lissette Alan

Male Name: Sylvanus Woodie

Random Name: Lalla Mehraz

Personality: Irreverent

Knacks: Unique perspective

Note: You hate sand, because it’s course and rough and it gets everywhere.

Alignment: Scrupulous

Occupation if no OCC chosen: Drug Chemist

O.C.C.: Asgardian High Elf R.C.C. (Pantheons of the Megaverse®, p. 167)

Speech Pattern: Squeaky

Hair: Wiry

Face Features: Weather-beaten

Characteristics: Excessive body hair

Instinct: To be careful

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